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Suggestions for April's Book of the Month

Since the group is starting out, I wanted to make it really simple. For April we can work with books that I suggest. I can make sure that everyone has an online copy but I'll put up my suggestions and everyone can vote on their favorite. I hope that's okay, and Next month and after that Yall can make suggestions and so on and so forth.
I'll post the Book Title, Cover and Description (<All Under the Cut). and I'll put up a poll. ♥

Homeport by Nora Roberts

Roberts returns with the customary combo of romance and intrigue in Homeport, the tale of a lovelorn Ph.D. trying to save her reputation as well as her life. Dr. Miranda Jones, who specializes in authenticating Renaissance art, is called to Italy to verify The Dark Lady, a statue that may have been created by Michelangelo. When the sculpture turns out to be a fake, she is determined to find the original and gains the help of sexy art thief Ryan Boldari--who has plans to steal a bronze via Jones. However, his manipulative designs go awry when he falls for the brainy redhead and a dangerous killer begins to stalk them.  (

Summer Pleasures: Second Nature/One Summer by Nora Roberts

SECOND NATURE- It would be a professional coup to be granted an exclusive interview with horror fiction novelist, Hunter Brown. Los Angeles based reporter, Lee Radcliffe, intended on accomplishing just that. Flying to Arizona to attend a writer's conference he would be speaking at, she met the reclusive, enigmatic Hunter at the airport. Except she thought he was a taxi driver, and he didn't bother to correct her. He grants her the interview, but only if she will go on a camping trip with him in Oak Creek Canyon. Alone with Hunter for two weeks, Lee just may find out more about him than she anticipated. 
ONE SUMMER- Celebrity photographer and junk food junkie, Bryan Mitchell, would be spending her summer traveling across the country with a difficult man. Cynical photojournalist, Shade Colby, accustomed to photographing images of war, and the grit of life, had reluctantly agreed to share the assignment. Recording bits of American life on film was an opportunity neither could pass up. But despite their continual conflict, they may discover a depth of mutual feeling neither anticipated.  ( 'klpepsi" from

The Villa by Nora Roberts

Another novel rich in emotion and rife with conflict from the prolific Roberts (From the Heart; Carolina Moon etc.), this sweeping saga of Northern California wine-making steeps the reader in a heady mix of sex, scandal and the excesses of the supremely wealthy. Sophia Giambelli, sophisticated head of marketing for the family-run Napa Valley winery, is the heiress to the Giambelli empire. She's often compared to her grandmother Tereza, La Signora, who still runs the business. The Giambelli holdings include the 100-year-old Castello di Giambelli in Venice, Italy; Villa Giambelli, operating in the Napa Valley for 64 years; and nearby MacMillan, a 92-year-old firm added to the family holdings when La Signora married Eli MacMillan. The wineries have always operated independently, but now La Signora announces that she wishes to merge all three, occasioning a major restructuring of responsibilities. She orders Sophia to replace Tyler MacMillan, Eli's grandson, and become the wine maker for both families' vineyards. The monosyllabic Tyler will spearhead marketing for the new joint venture. Laying the groundwork for heated fireworks, Sophia and Tyler fight not only each other but also a corporate saboteur who's being fed inside information. Dramatic personal confrontations are exacerbated by La Signora's designation of a new CEO, David Cutter, the only non-Giambelli to hold a position of power. Cutter brings his two teenage children with him to live in the winery guesthouse and immediately falls in love with Sophia's newly divorced mother, Pilar. Other juicy subplots involve manipulative mistresses, dilettante husbands and emotional Italian wives. As usual, Roberts provides plenty of intriguing background information, this time on wine making, and snappy dialogue. (Mar.) Forecast: Villains are easily discerned and susupense is at a minimum in this latest Roberts, but aggressive, savvy female protagonists should prove attractive to readers and enhance word of mouth. Overall, The Villa is vintage Roberts, a grand cru label for the bestseller lists; in expectation, the publisher is planning a first printing of 500,000. Literary Guild main selection; author tour.  (

Indiscreet by Mary Balogh

Although Balogh's (Heartless) seamless, fairy-tale Regency lacks some of the complexity and period detail of her previous books, it nonetheless engages the reader with sharply drawn, likable characters. Lady Catherine Winsmore, a heroine of quiet courage, refused a forced marriage when rape left her with an illegitimate child. Exiled by her family, she poses as a young widow, Mrs. Catherine Winters. An innocent smile brings the unwelcome advances of another rake, the Viscount Rawleigh, Rex Adams. Rather than suffer from new scandal she accepts a loveless marriage to Rex. There are few twists or real subplots, and Catherine's problems aren't so much resolved as magically waved away by Rex. But what makes this book touching is its bittersweet portrayal of a victim wronged by her attacker and by society, and the compassion and trust that eventually redeem two lives.   (

A Dangerous Love by Sabrina Jefferies

He was playing a dangerous masquerade...Griff Knighton's found the perfect way to avoid being trapped into marriage with one of the Earl of Swanlea's daughters: he'll swap identities with his man of affairs during their next visit to Swan Park, and be free to pursue his own desires! After all, he's not about to marry some homely spinster just to claim his rightful title. But Griff didn't reckon on the brazen, voluptuous Rosalind, who could tempt even a saint into sinning, and Griff is no saint. She was determined to unmask him...  (

Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dear Reader, Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing. Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn't. And being cursed into a book as a love-slave for eternity can ruin even a Spartan warrior's day. As a love-slave, I knew everything about women. How to touch them, how to savor them, and most of all how to pleasure them. But when I was summoned to fulfill Grace Alexander's sexual fantasies, I found the first woman in history who saw me as a man with a tormented past. She, alone, bothered to take me out of the bedroom and into the world. She taught me to love again. But I was not born to know love. I was cursed to walk eternity alone. As a general, I had long ago accepted my sentence. Yet now I have found Grace-the one thing my wounded heart cannot survive without. Sure, love can heal all wounds, but can it break a two thousand year old curse? Julian of Macedon   (

If You Dare by Kresley Cole

A handsome, overbearing Scottish mercenary with a deadly curse and a passionate, hot-blooded Castilian beauty with a family scandal come together in an intense story of desire while fleeing from treachery. The beautiful Annalia Elisabet Catherina Tristan, daughter of the Llorente family lives with her brother Aleix high in the Pyrenees Mountains, where the evil General Reynaldo Pascal is holding Aleix as blackmail so that Annalia will marry him. He has already taken over the Principality of Andorra and wants the beautiful Annalia for her Castilian blood so he can claim more power and direct connection to the throne of Spain. Little does he know that Court MacCarrick, the hired Scottish mercenary would turn against him. When attempts at killing Court fail, it is Annalia who discovers his unconscious body and takes him to her home in the mountains to care for him. Upon awakening he discovers immediate desire for his beautiful healer and soon comes to discover her connection to Pascal. Annalia is disturbed to discover an attraction to Court as well, but remembers how her mother's passionate nature resulted in her being banished from the honorable Castilian family in scandal. They both fight against this attaction and their deep passions, as Annalia wants nothing to do with another one of the many barbarian Scots who have come to her land to hire on with Pascal and Court does not desire the complications of a woman, as a deadly family curse hangs over the MacCarrick's that states any woman the MacCarrick men fall in love with, death follows. When Annalia requests Court's help in rescuing her brother and he refuses, she has no other alternative but to go to Pascal and agree to the marriage. It is then that Court decides to rescue Annalia and Aleix both. But when the rescue attempt for Aleix fails and Annalia is shot, Court has no choice but to protect her and flee alone with her. It is Olivia, Pascal's daughter that eventually rescues Aleix. Upon the escapes Pascal sets his assasins called Rechazados upon them all and as Annalia and Court race to London and then onto Scotland to safety of his family, Aleix and Olivia follow. While on the run Annalia and Court's desire builds and they come together in many passionate encounters. Once in London they both realize they love each other, but Court is reminded by his brothers of the deadly curse and he comes to the hurtful realization that if he wants Annalia to live he must let her go. Eventually everyone comes together to fight off the evil Rechazados and Pascal, but it is the MacCarrick curse that is left hanging over everyone. The story ends with the discovery of the missing lines of the curse and what the MacCarrick brothers will do with this information is going to make for interesting sequels to this passionate trilogy. If You Dare is an excellent start to the the exciting adventures of the MacCarrick Brothers.  ( Beverly Romance Books "Beverly" from

I hope that's a good selection, and I know half of them are Nora.  Also I choose books that I haven't read yet so that I can read they'll be new to all of us.  (hopefully.)  I guess I'll have the poll go a few days.  I'm not exactly sure yet.





What Book do you want for the April Book of the Month?

Homeport by Nora Roberts
Summer Pleasures: Second Nature/One Summer by Nora Roberts
The Villa by Nora Roberts
Indiscreet by Mary Balogh
A Dangerous Love by Sabrina Jefferies
If You Dare by Kresley Cole
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Opps, Apparently I forgot to put Fantasy Lover on the Poll so If anyone wanted to vote for that one then yall can leave a comment saying that you vote for that one. It doesn't matter if you already voted (Just say which one you voted for before)

Sorry that I'm a dumbass yall. :(
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Absolutely, I'll add yall right now. :)
Yay romance fans unite! Adding you now!
Fantasy Lover, since I'm reading it now. ;)
Fantasy Lover is my first choice but I'll vote for my second.
I read all of these choices already =(
I'm sorry. :(
I knew that It would probably happen to atleast one person.
I think that you can make the 1st suggestion for next months' book. :)